Prof. Ton Bisseling & Dr. Rene Geurts

Prof. Ton Bisseling & Dr. René Geurts
Wageningen University, Department of Plant Science
Molecular Biology


Symbiosis, rhizobia, nitrogen fixation, mycorrhizal fungi and genomics, molecular biology of microbes & plants, abiotic stress tolerance. The group has achieved major breakthroughs in unraveling molecular mechanisms underlying mutualistic symbiotic interactions between microbes and plants. These studies have been especially focussed on the endosymbiotic interactions of legumes and nitrogen fixing rhizobium bacteria as well as arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. The work on mutualisc interactions recently has been extended to the microbiome of the rhizospere with a focus on desert vegetation.


ERC Advanced Investigator Grant (Bisseling), NWO VICI Grant (Geurts), elected member of KNAW and EMBO (Bisseling).


Top 3 publications

  • Geurts R, Xiao TT, Barbara Reinhold-Hurek B (2016)  What does it take to evolve a nitrogen-fixing endosymbiosis?. Trends Plant Sci 21, 199-208.
  • Lin K, Limpens E, Zhang Z, et al., Bisseling T, Geurts R, Huang S (2014) Single nucleus genome% sequencing reveals% high similarity among nuclei of an endomycorrhizal fungus. PloS Gen. 10, e1004078.
  • Op den Camp R, Streng A, De Mita S, Cao Q, Polone E, Liu W, Ammiraju JS, Kudrna D, Wing R, Untergasser A, Bisseling T, Geurts R (2011) LysM-type mycorrhizal receptor recruited for rhizobium symbiosis in nonlegume Parasponia. Science 331: 909-12.