Prof. Oscar Kuipers

Prof. Oscar Kuipers
Groningen University
Department of Molecular Genetics


Genome mining by bioinformatics, physiological, genetic and functional genomics studies of Gram-positive bacteria (Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus), in particular on the elucidation and visualization of complex gene regulatory networks, using systems biology- and synthetic biology approaches. His main research areas are in the molecular biology of lantibiotics and other posttranslationally modified antimicrobial peptides, antibiotic resistance, synthetic biology, pathogenesis mechanisms, sporulation and competence development in Bacilli,  and in several biotechnological applications.


STW Simon Stevin Meester award (2011); Royal Academy member (2013); member European Academy of Microbiology.


Top 3 publications

  • van Heel, A.J., de Jong, A., Montalbán-López, M., Kok, J., Kuipers, O.P. (2013). BAGEL3: automated identification of genes encoding bacteriocins and (non-) bactericidal posttranslationally modified peptides. Nucleic Acids Res. 41: W448-53.
  • Breukink, E.J., Wiedemann, I., van Kraaij, C., Kuipers, O.P., Sahl, H.-G. & de Kruijff, B. (1999). Use of the cell wall precursor lipid II by a pore-forming peptide antibiotic. Science 286, 2361-2364.
  • Hasper, H.E., Kramer, N.E., Smith, J.L., Hillman, J.D., Zachariah, C., Kuipers, O.P., de Kruijff, B. and Breukink, E. (2006). An alternative bactericidal mechanism of action for lantibiotic peptides that target lipid II. Science 313,1636-1637.