Prof. Gilles P. van Wezel

Prof. Gilles P. van Wezel
Leiden University, Institute of Biology
Molecular Biotechnology



Actinomycete biology, genetics, genomics & proteomics, microbial development, high resolution imaging, natural product discovery, antibiotics, analytical chemistry and metabolomics. The group seeks to uncover the regulatory networks that control major cellular processes, in particular sugar metabolism, antibiotic production and development. New technologies were designed to identify the gene clusters for promising bioactivities by linking proteomics to NMR-based metabolomics data. The institute has integrated the metabolomics expertise, with focus on microbial and plant metabolomics (the latter was formerly led by Prof. Rob Verpoorte, and now by Dr. Young Choi).


Team BacktoRoots Leiden University:

Dr. Somayah Elsayed

Dr. Joost Willemse

Anne van der Meij (MSc.)